Weekend Projects 11/3/13

This weekend I promised myself I would work on some polymer clay projects, and I did!



I tried my hand at making lentil beads. Some turned out well, some I thought were pretty still in their pointy bicone shape, some turned into weird, elongated shapes, some drew me bonkers. I wasn’t crazy about my colors, but right now I’m on a budget, so I was working with what I had available. With some of the leftover bits of clay I made the sun at the bottom. Years ago I made a gorgeous sun that’s hanging in my bedroom, and sometime I’d like to make more like it — it’s big and bold and fluid and I love it. I’ll take a picture and post it here sometime, promise!

Anyway, none of this stuff has even been cured (baked) yet, and after they are, I’d like to sand and buff them. I’ve never, ever taken the time to do that for one of my polymer clay projects, but it looks pretty straightforward and I want to push myself to new levels. I’d also like to make my stuff look more professional, and that means sanding off my  nail marks and finger prints!

Once these are all done I’ll post more pictures, and eventually maybe some of these things will make it to my etsy shop…which right now is just hanging out in cyber space with a few pictures but not much else.

I’m really proud of myself for following through and making art. Sometimes I felt challenged and overwhelmed/tired/frustrated, but in a good way, kind of. It’s hard to explain.

Okay, I have a Skype date with a friend in nine minutes, so I better run!


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