Weekend Projects 11/10/13

This weekend I was back to bead making. I bought a handful of blocks of Premo Sculpey clay hoping to make rainbow colored beads kind of like these. So, um, no, that didn’t happen, but I’m happy with what I created.





Woah, got a little kooky with the photo editing on that last one. I’m still working on getting many, many of my bead-making techniques down pat, and practicing is really fun. Tomorrow or some other day this week I’ll poke holes in these and cure them.

Meanwhile, I cured the beads from last week and plan to try to sand and polish some of them later today.

The other things I did this weekend include grocery shopping, taking a walk (and we’ll probably go to the beach for a walk this afternoon), cooking (oh my gosh did I cook this morning: Hearty Cornbread Casserole, Delicata Mac and Cheese (made mine with Butternut), and meatballs for the husband), doing homework, going to a movie (12 Years A Slave, which was wonderful and disturbing), and looking for rental properties.

Rental properties!? Yup, we’re moving back to the mountains. My job has agreed to let me become a remote employee and my husband is going to take a break from school to go back to his house painting business while he figures out what he really wants to study. We lived there before we moved here, and we both miss it very much. It’s close to Asheville, my favorite city, and my parents live there, so yay, free childcare after the baby is born in May. We’re aiming to move at the end of January/beginning of February, and I intend to have an office/creative art space so I don’t have to put my art supplies away every time I’m done with them. Because this is what my “art studio” looks like now:

Living Room

Here’s a bunch of shots of beads that I took. I need help with my camera skills! It’s fun practicing, though!



Have a great day!



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