Polymer Clay Sun

A couple years ago I made a super awesome sun out of polymer clay. It’s in my bedroom. I should really take a picture of it, but I’m trapped by a 14.78 lb Tortoiseshell cat right now, plus my leg is asleep and I don’t feel like taking, uploading, and editing photos right now, However, someday I will take a picture of it, because it’s cool, really cool.

Anyway, I decided to make a sun for the baby’s room. I’m not 100% sure I like how it came out, or if it will end up in the baby’s room (we don’t know the gender yet, we’ll find out December 2nd).




Now that I’m looking at the photos of it, it’s growing on me. My baby probably won’t care what it looks like, right?

I love colors. I just wanted you to know. I also love having feeling in my legs, so I’m going to post this, extricate myself from my cat, and see if the color and feeling will return to my right leg.

Have a great day!


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