Which Tree Are You (Am I) Watering?

My mom got an awesome book for me a few weeks ago. Behold:

creative girl

This book is pretty rad. Although I find the cover to be less-than optimal, the content is great. She’s down to earth, practical, but also all about meditation and facing your fears and, I don’t know, she’s just a great mix of things I find appealing.

At one point in the book, and I’d love to tell you where, but I’m not anywhere near the book, nor did I bookmark the page, but it’s somewhere in the chapter about fear, she discusses the concept of our thoughts creating our realty. Now, I have been majorly into this concept since I first got (life) coached in 2008 and got into it even more after I went through life coach training myself. The author talks about how our thoughts and actions can be based in one of two places: fear or love. So true! I’ve heard this before and it always resonates with me. She goes on to mention a friend or mentor of hers that talked about a specific way of thinking about this concept, and that’s by paying attention to if you’re watering the love plant or the fear plant. ‘Cause you know what? Whichever one you water is the one that’s going to grow.

I love trees, and in my mind I immediately changed the word “plant” to “tree,” and ever since then I’ve been thinking about which tree of thought I’m watering. Even though I’ve been aware for many years that my thoughts are always running in the background (except when I’m actually managing to meditate or am really, really into a program on NPR) and have a huge impact on my overall well-being, I still often catch myself drowning my very being in negative, fear-based thoughts:

  • That’s not going to work out
  • I can’t be successful at {fill in the blank}
  • I can’t be happy because {fill in the blank}
  • I don’t have enough money
  • I can’t have what I really want

And on and on and on, you know? That’s not what I want for myself. I want to water the love tree. I intend to water the love tree, because I know that will allow me to achieve other goals, like practicing kindness and loving compassion to myself and others, taking good care of myself physically and emotionally, and truly following my heart. All good things.

So, how about you? Which tree would you rather water? The tree of love?

Two Trees

(I made both of these a few years ago out of polymer clay and they’re just hanging out in a drawer, but the colors make me happy!)

or the tree of fear?

Dead Plant

(um, I’m not good with plants.)


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