Red, Yellow, and Orange Polymer Clay Sun

Remember last weekend when I mentioned that I had a really awesome polymer clay sun, made a number of years ago, hanging in my bedroom? Here is a picture of it.


Wow, this picture really does not do it justice, and that’s my fault. I guess you’re just going to have to continue trusting me that it’s cool.

Anyway, regardless of your feelings about that sun, today I made another sun. I was reading this book called The War of Art that my mom sent me (she should be a professional book shopper, because she’s really good at figuring out what books are perfect for me), and as I read more of it I plan on writing about it here, because it is very awesome and inspiring, and after just a few pages of this book I was all, “oh my gosh I must get up and create, dammit!”

So I did.


I’m really not loving my photography skills today. Or maybe it’s the piece itself? It’s not cured (cooked) yet, which is why it’s on that horrible background, and I’m not sure it’s done. But it’s what I created today, so I wanted to share.


I really did enjoy myself while I was making it, which is the whole point, right?


Oooh, colors.


Polymer_Clay-Sun_Red_Orange_Yellow_111713_NolaObligatory cat shot. (I totally just typed “obligatory cat shat.” That makes me laugh.)

I am really, really proud of myself for actually making art the past three weekends. It doesn’t always turn out the way I expect, but I always enjoy it. I swear to you, I am moving toward doing what I really want with my life. I think it will involve a combo of making art, writing, and eating pie.

What’s the last thing that made you laugh?


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