Just Doing It

I have a spreadsheet on which I’ve written out a bunch of goals. Goals for creating art projects, opening an etsy shop, social media goals, goals for writing, goals and ideas for coaching. I would say I’m doing okay at meeting these goals. I’d give myself a B-. Sometimes I actually manage to achieve things on time without even having looked at the spreadsheet within the last week or two prior. Unfortunately, I have a tendency to be inconsistent. However, this is something I really, really want. What is “this,” exactly? Pursuing things I’m passionate about instead of spending nights and weekends always glued to the TV, for one.

The reason I’m writing here tonight is because a couple of days ago, right after the long Thanksgiving weekend, or perhaps during it, I can’t recall, I updated my goals and said I’d sand the collection of polymer clay beads I’ve made over the last few weeks by, well, let me look:





December 3rd. That was yesterday. It is not done. Monday night I was pooped and wanted to watch the latest episodes of The Walking Dead and Good Wife, and last night the husband and I were running errands until about 7:30 pm, and, again, I was pooped and didn’t feel like doing it.

But I’m changing my ways! Or at least trying very hard to! If there’s one thing I know, it’s that I actually have to work on the things I feel passionate about if I want to make them grow. That includes this blog, which is why I’m bothering to write about this perhaps insignificant event. This is how I now sit (actually, I had to move my foot, it was falling asleep):



So, that’s it. I think that’s the secret. Just doing it. Pushing down excuses and making it happen. It is not something I’m well-practiced in, but it’s something I’m going to learn to do.


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