Weekend Projects 12/15/13

Phew, I can’t believe it’s already Sunday afternoon! This weekend involved a workplace holiday party, trying to force meds down one of my cat’s throats, Christmas shopping in the rain, and a surprising number of art projects.

First up: Candles. A couple of weeks ago I bought some beeswax for a project that just didn’t work out, but I didn’t want the beeswax to go to waste, so I bought a couple of jars and a pack of wicks and made two candles. I loosely followed the directions in this blog post, though I didn’t measure the amount of coconut oil I added, I just scooped a bunch into the melting beeswax and called it good. Oh, and beeswax? So, so hard to break into pieces. I enlisted the help of the husband, who eventually went out to his van and came back with a hammer, which did the trick (he basically just smashed it into chunks, which was way faster and easier than trying to cut it).

I was trying to get fancy with my candles and added some alcohol ink to some of the layers and the edges of one of the jars, but if I made them again I’d definitely do things differently. Oddly enough, though, art projects gone awry don’t upset me, they inspire me with ideas for what to do next time. These may not be high on the beauty list, but they will certainly be well used in our house!

121613_Candles 121613_Candles_Coco 121613_TwoCandles 121613_WarmCandle

I also worked on my sunset votive idea. I originally was going to mix alcohol inks with translucent polymer clay and to cover the outside of the candle with that and bake it, but since I’ve been taking a break from polymer clay, I wanted to see if I could just use alcohol ink right on the glass of a candle holder:



Nyet. (Side note: I am really not sure where I picked up “nyet” from. It’s Russian for “no,” and my dad spoke some Russian back in the day and occasionally told me stories about it, so maybe that’s coming back to me? Who knows.)

This did not workout like I would have hoped. Again, not frustrating, just inspiring. I miss working with polymer clay A LOT, so I am probably just going to buy some clear polymer clay, color it with the alcohol inks (you can read about why you use alcohol inks here; basically if you want the clay to stay translucent, you have to use alcohol ink because it doesn’t have pigment or something…) and then form the different colors onto the votive as I originally planned.

I also worked some more on the tree I made last week:


I added some felt pieces to some of the edges of the tree to help it stand out more from the yarn. When I separate the four pieces a bit so there is space between them, I’m still not sure it’s clear enough, so I still don’t think this is done.

Lastly, I fixed up my various suns so that they can now be hung as intended:


I cut out circles of felt for each, poked holes in them, tied a loop of hemp through the holes, and hot glued the felt to their corresponding pieces. Now all of items I’ve made the last couple of weeks can go up on the wall:

121613_TreeofLife_Hanging 121613_SunflowerSun_Hanging 121613_StarfishSun_Hanging 121613_PurleGreenSun_hanging

These pictures are misleading–the 1st,2nd, and 4th items are only a few inches in diameter, whereas the 3rd item is more like 10 inches in diameter. I should really put them next to each other and take a picture.

And, one last item that I photographed:

121613_Anthony_HeartThis is not something I made recently, I actually made it for my husband almost 7 years ago when we were still in a long-distance (and un-married) relationship. It’s in the same room where I was photographing the suns, so I thought I’d show it off. This piece has definitely stood the test of time!

This will be it for weekend project posts until the new year, but I am very  much looking forward to seeing what I come up with in 2014!


2 thoughts on “Weekend Projects 12/15/13

  1. Thank you for the link to my article. I love your polymer clay suns! They’re very bright and cheery and they remind me of Layl McDill’s work. Have you ever seen her art? I think you’d like it very much. I hope you find time to get back into polymer clay. It is a very rewarding medium, that’s for sure!

    • I haven’t heard of Layl McDill, but now I’m going to her up! I love your stuff, it’s so beautiful and colorful. I am sure I’ll be back to polymer clay soon, because it really is very fun to work with.

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