I Guess I’ll Just Call This Post “Things”

Things I Want To Say

I only made one New Year’s Resolution this year: To chew more thoroughly. I hadn’t planned on making this resolution, in fact, I had no plans for any resolutions of any kind, but I woke up in the middle of the night on New Year’s Eve (I guess it was technically New Year’s Day already) and was burping up onions and green peppers like crazy (probably due to pregnancy, but who knows), and I thought to myself: this year I’m going to chew better!

So far results are inconclusive. Probably because I don’t usually remember to do this. However, it’s in my mind, sometimes actually on my mind, and I do plan to stick with this resolution.

In addition to this little change, I’m still rocking the Relax, Meditate, Create, commitment I made back on my birthday in November. Okay, rocking it, especially the “relax” part, might be pushing it, but I really am trying. I’ve also been consistently dropping into Wordlessness (one of the four technologies of magic written about by Martha Beck in her book “Finding Your Way in the Wild New World” that I’ve been rereading; basically, it’s meditating) at least every night before bed, but often other times during the day, too.

That feels like enough for me. I also, of course, am continuing to try to have a health pregnancy, and hope for a healthy baby, and all that stuff, but I haven’t made any resolutions in relation to those topics.

THings if you're on a diet

Man, I find this stuff so interesting! For years and years and years I was totally into the diet mentality and being obsessed with “health” and all that jazz, and now I’m completely on the other end: I want to tell people to run, run run! to their nearest anti-dieting website and knock it off with the restricting and obsessing, because I have found that’s where true health lies. I find that so many other people are better at saying it and explaining it than I am, though, so here’s some stuff you should read if you’re trapped in a diet or a diet/binge cycle or deal with disordered eating (but if you have a full-blown eating disorder, please consult with a therapist in addition to any reading you may do):

Chicken Tender’s whole website, but in particular the posts tagged ED. She’s actually moved to a new site, but I found this stuff she wrote last year very compelling.

Why Diets Fail by Feed Me I’m Cranky. I love this chick, but this post is a good place to start.

Eat The Food by Go Kaleo.

Also, this:

One third of all people who diet end up on the restrictive eating disorder spectrum. [J Jones et. al., 2001; CM Shisslak, M Crago, 1995]. While not all of them develop clinical cases, they all experience lifelong anxieties and compulsions around food and weight gain (if left untreated). They can develop clinical cases at any point due to life stressors (anything from a cold to a break-up) and they can slide up and down the spectrum or express multiple facets of the same spectrum at once (anorexia, restrict/reactive eating cycles, bulimia, orthorexia (extreme focus on healthy foods) and anorexia athletica (over-exercise)). Source

Another awesome chick, Isabel Foxen Duke, blogs and coaches about not being crazy around food, and I really like her most recent post, Have You “Fallen off the Wagon?”

And of course I have to link to an article from Jezebel about Weight Watchers not working .

Why am I so passionate about this? One, because I’ve lived it, and it sucks, and it’s not a way to find peace or happiness, and two, because I believe every woman who is spending time on dieting and trying to change her body has something much, much greater to offer herself, her family, and the world. However, as long as she’s obsessing about this other crap, she’s probably not doing that other stuff. My hope is to help people get out of that cycle. (If you’re on a plan that you’re happy with, more power to you. I’m talking to people who realize that it’s gone too far and want to change things up.)

things i'm working on at home

photo (12)

That completely  hideous picture is me being back to polymer clay. Couldn’t stay away. I’m following Blue Bottle Design’s post about coloring translucent polymer clay with alcohol inks, and in the photo above I’m waiting for the inks to dry so I can work them into the clay. I hope to make use of this clay this weekend, and will post pics tomorrow of my creations.

What do you want to say? What do you want me to read? What are you working on at home?


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