Why I Threw Away My Scale (Plus Photographic Evidence)

I have tried to write this post multiple ways, but nothing is working in the way I imagined. So, instead of giving up, I’m just going to make this short and sweet.

This is my scale in the trashcan.


My scale ended up here because we’ve moving in a few weeks and I’ve slowly been getting rid of stuff I don’t need, and this most definitely falls into that category, and here’s why:

  • I stopped weighing myself at the start of 2013. If I go to the doctor, I don’t mind being weighed, but no at-home weighing, because that’s where crazy lives. Why do I need a scale if I don’t weigh myself?
  • I gave up weighing myself for many reasons, but the two main reasons are that weight isn’t a good indicator of health (AT ALL) and it’s very easy for me to fall into unhealthy patterns with the scale, and that does not lead to good health, either.
  • I’m due with my first child May 2nd.  I do intend to get back into better shape after she’s born, first by walking regularly and then by exercising more vigorously once I feel up to it, but I do not want weight to become A Thing for me. If I exercise regularly and continue eating well, I have faith all will be well, and a number on the scale is not going to be helpful or measure my health or happiness.
  • I really do believe that my daughter will, in many ways, base her feelings about herself and her body on the example I set for her by how I treat myself and my body, and I don’t think owning a scale has any place in my life as I become a role model for her.

And that’s it. What about you? Do you own a scale? Does it make for some crazy once in a while?


3 thoughts on “Why I Threw Away My Scale (Plus Photographic Evidence)

  1. I used to weigh myself daily and found it made me crazy. I let the number determine my mood for the day. Now, I still weigh myself but only monthly and only as one of many indicators that I’m paying attention to my health.

    Thankfully, I came to the conclusion over the past year that being able to run a 5k at a moment’s notice, having no trouble lifting 50 lb bags of animal feed and having good blood pressure readings are much more indicative of health than a number on the scale.

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