I Love Mornings


Nope, I didn’t take this picture today. On this particular morning I laid in bed for a while, covered in cats, thinking about my intentions for the day. After that I sat up, grabbed my notebook, and excitedly made a list of the things I want to accomplish not just this morning, but in the next couple of months. After that I hopped out of bed and headed straight to my laptop, where I updated my to do list, wrote the outline for a book, watched some inspirational videos, wrote some more, made some oatmeal, wrote some more, made some hummus from scratch, and then did a little creating on one of my new ideas.


My point is that I love mornings. I have the most energy, feel the most inspired, and get the most done.

Earlier this week I was reading a blog that I totally dig, andkathleen (she’s a creative coach who just had a baby boy and loves to travel and make art and strives to be authentic, in other words, totally my kind of woman), and I came across this post. She’s talking about her own morning routine, but she refers back to the list of things she’s found most creatives want for their own morning routines, and I’m going to paste it here:

• Wake up with the sun in a fresh white room, in a fluffy bed with fresh sheets • Get up and make coffee or tea – enjoy a cup on the porch as they slowly wake up • Then they’re either doing some yoga or going on a walk • After that they make a healthy but delicious breakfast (either a smoothie or eggs) • They spend a fair amount of time reading blogs, articles, and other interesting things on the internet • Then they spend a good amount of time writing – either journaling or blogging – See more at: http://andkathleen.com/2013/10/a-good-morning/#sthash.cTCpeF4C.dpuf

Um, yes. Every time I write down what my ideal day looks like, my focus is on the morning, and it starts with sun streaming into my beautiful bedroom (white walls not necessary, but a sunny yellow appeals), me waking up refreshed and invigorated, then taking a long walk outside, maybe as the sun is coming up if I’m awake really early, then me eating a delicious, healthy breakfast, then sitting down and either creating something, reading something, writing something, or connecting with someone. There’s probably some meditating in there. There’s probably some cat-petting. There’s going to be NPR. But the point is, I love the mornings, and I totally relate to what Kathleen wrote!

In my dream life I would enjoy a morning like that every single day. In my current life I get relatively close on the weekends. I am going to get to my dream life, though, and wham, watch out when I do.

What’s your favorite time of day? Are you the creative type?



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