BAM! B-School

Early last week, as I mentioned, I was feeling a bit directionless. Then, as I also mentioned, I got my inspiration back. The same day my inspiration returned, I put it out there that I wanted more help, that I needed some guidance. You see, I want to run my own business. I want to help people. I want to make a difference, and yeah, I want to do it on my own terms and make my own schedule and make good money. All of a sudden,


into my inbox came an email newsletter from a coach I respect and admire, and the focus of this newsletter was that many of the emails she receives aren’t about her coaching services, but asking her how she’s become successful. She said that the only person she takes business advice from is Marie Forleo, and she went onto mention Marie’s B-School.

From there I ended up on Forleo’s site, watching her videos, signing up for her updates, and yelling “Yes! Exactly!” at my computer more often than would be considered lady-like. Then I Googled for some more reviews of her services, and


I found that another coach, one I know personally, who went through the same coach training program I did, said that taking Maria’s B-school was the best thing she ever did for her business. I emailed this coach/friend and discussed the program further, which made me even more interested in it.

Then I sent an email about B-school to a young lady I’ve emailed with on and off for a handful of years, who is most definitely a kindred spirit, who someday wants to run her own business and

BAM!she’s all, “omg, I am obsessed with Marie Forleo!”

So, needless to say, getting all this positive feedback about the program from people I either know or respect/admire (or both), made me feel pretty jazzed and excited about taking the program myself.

So. B School. It starts March 10th. Enrollment starts in about a week. It is not free. They offer scholarships, details of which are to come tomorrow, but the previous years’ winners have all submitted videos, so in the hopes that the format will be similar this year, I’ve already been working on what I want to say and figuring out the best way for me to produce something authentic and enticing.

I am excited. I am ready. I want to help change the world. I want to help people. I want to run my own business. I want to make good money and give my daughter the things she needs to excel and thrive.

What’s the latest thing that got you super psyched?


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