Hi! I’m Jen.

Jen and Pancake Rocks



  • I’m in my thirties, married, and expecting my first child (a girl!) in May of 2014
  • I own two lovely cats (or do they own me…?)
  • I love nature, beauty, color, art, music, reading, and writing
  • I’m a New Englander living in the south
  • I love to travel and can’t wait to do more of it
  • Am always seeking to grow and learn and find my purpose in life


  • I hold a Master’s in Health Science, concentation Health Education
  • I am a certified life coach through best-selling author and O Magazine contributor Martha Beck
  • I am a certified intuitive eating counselor
  • At one time I was an NASM certified personal trainer, but decided that wasn’t where my passions lie
  • I have an undergraduate degree in Studio Art, concentration Graphic Design
  • I am always, always trying to help people, be honest and authentic, and find that delicious niche where I thrive so I can help others do the same

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