My coaching is for awesome women who:

  • Really, really want to let go of their food rules, emotional eating tendencies, and body obsession
  • Know there’s so much more to life than going on yet another diet
  • Want to experience true health that comes from a well-balanced life involving family, friends, food, passion projects, and mental and emotional health

Why I’m the coach for you:

  • Yeah, yeah, I’ve got a degree or two and some certifications, but really, it’s because I’m honest, open, authentic, and genuinely want you to live the life you should be living (the one that can happen when you stop spending your waking hours counting points or stressing over the stale cookies in the break room)
  • Um, I’ve been there. Body hate, dieting, restricting, binge eating, it’s something I’ve lived through, but I promise you definitely can come out on the other side

Contact me today for a free consultation.



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