I didn’t know I loved to travel until I was about 21. Growing up in Connecticut we mostly visited places like Maine and New Hampshire, and although I did enjoy that, I didn’t think of myself as someone who enjoyed seeing new places.

Once I finished college in May of 2001 and couldn’t find a job, though, I really wanted to start seeing the country (and other countries, too). I moved to Vermont in November of 2001 to work in a ski lodge, and that allowed me to explore Vermont and also to take a trip to Montreal. In spring of 2002 I took a major road trip from Vermont to Montana, passing through Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, DC, Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Arkansas, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, and Wyoming along the way. I slept on a picnic table at one point. It was fun. Some day I should scan some of those pre-digital camera photos, but for now my words will have to count as the proof that I was there. After a few months in Montana I saw more of the country, travelling around Texas, Kentucky, Louisiana, and Missouri. I spent a lot of time in a tent. After that I moved to Virginia, then back to Vermont. In the fall of 2004 I took a trip to Hawaii and California, where I finally acquired a digital camera, but damned if I know where the photos from that old thing are, and then moved to the mountains of North Carolina right at the tail end of 2004.

In the years since that I’ve taken a few big trips to varied destinations, including New Zealand:

Jen and Christy on Ferry Jen and Pancake Rocks Lake Wanaka IMG_1765



Hawaii again:

Akaka Falls In Pololu Valley Inside Kileau Iki Crater Napali Coast Overlook Napali Coast View Shipwreck Beach Waimea Canyon View

and California:

Use your imagination, because I just realized these pictures are on the other computer and I don’t feel like getting up and getting them right now, but we went to Lake Tahoe, Death Valley, John Muir Woods, San Francisco, Yosemite, Big Sur, and some other amazing and gorgeous places.

Since my husband and I have been together we’ve also taken lots of shorter trips to various places like the Keys, Folly Beach, Wrightsville Beach, Isle of Palms, Savannah, Tybee Island, Siesta Key, Vero Beach, Chattanooga, Atlanta, New York and Connecticut (our respective home states), and Gatlinburg.

The next big trip we have planned is back to Hawaii (what can I say, I’ve been blessed to have friends living there over the years, and usually that means a free place to stay), then in the spring down to the Keys again (more friends there) and maybe another Florida destination for a babymoon. And the after that? Parenthood. That, I’m sure will be the biggest trip of all.



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